Student Volunteers

The Mississippi Center for Justice is preparing the next generation of attorneys to take up the fight for social justice. MCJ offers internships in its offices in Jackson, Indianola and Biloxi to college students and law students drawn to public interest work.

To learn more about internship opportunities, please contact us. 


"I was inspired to go to law school to gain tools I could use to make changes in my home state of Mississippi. Law school is practical knowledge; at MCJ I learned to put it to use. I want to be in Mississippi long-term. The work will mean the most to me here, where I grew up." --Madeline Illes, University of Mississippi School of Law, 2018 Intern


"In just five weeks with MCJ, I worked on issues ranging from disability rights to prisoners' rights to fair housing. I have written memos, worked with clients one-on-one, done research at Chancery Court, and prepared drafts of various legal documents. The sheer breadth of the issues and experiences I have had has been incredible. I learn something new every day. Law school teaches you about the theory of law and gives you a foundational understanding of the field, but I have learned most of what I know about the actual practice of law from working with MCJ." -- Abigail Pershing, Yale Law School, 2018 Intern