Plan a Legacy Gift

For Social Justice – Be a Legacy Hero!

Legacy giving will assure the future of the social justice work that means so much to you and the people of our state. Because heroes before you fought and funded battles for racial and economic justice, we all have better lives today. You can play an important role in assuring that the Center’s social justice advocacy will continue for generations to come by planning gifts for later in, or after, your lifetime. Please consider becoming a Legacy Hero by committing long-term support for the Center’s vital work.


  • You will take pride in knowing that the victories that are made possible because of your generosity will be part of your legacy to improve the lives and well-being of all Mississippians.
  • Like those who have come before you, your commitment of support to social change will inspire others to join the fight.
  • Your gift may cost nothing during your lifetime and enable you to give more than you ever thought possible.
  • You become a Founding Member of Legacy Heroes, our program to recognize forward-thinking supporters like you who want to assure the long-term security of the Center.
  • Plan your legacy gift in any of the following ways:

  • Through your will or living trust, after loved ones are provided for. Learn more.
  • Through your retirement plan, possibly avoiding double taxation. Learn more.
  • Through financial accounts, ensuring discreet and speedy gifts. Learn more.
  • Through life insurance, a wonderful use of policy proceeds that are not needed by your loved ones. Learn more
  • Through creating a named or family fund that provides sustained recognition, and participation in decisions regarding current use of your gift. Learn more.
  • Through a charitable trust, providing income to you for life. Learn more.