The need for safe, decent, affordable housing across the state of Mississippi is great. Lack of housing options drive gaps in education, health and economic opportunities, particularly for low-income and African-American Mississippians. In fact, the state’s average home value is 50 percent lower than the national average, making it second lowest in the country. 

In African American communities, the statistics are even more grim – many more African Americans rent, rather than own. Additionally, almost 32 percent of African American-occupied rental units spend more than half of their income on rent, and on facilities that are older and often overcrowded. 

The Center knows that one of the best ways to strengthen communities is by investing in quality housing that is affordable to people at all income levels. The Center is working to address housing gaps in the areas of affordable housing, fair housing and public housing, as well as promoting housing policy as part of its sustainable community initiatives.

In addition to working to reverse the ongoing effects that lack of housing opportunities has created throughout in Mississippi, the Center is diligently pursuing improved housing opportunities as part of its ongoing disaster recovery programs and promote environmental justice in areas where ill-thought out projects threaten to bring pollution and other untold hazards to the area.