Educational Opportunities

The economic future of a state rests on the quality of the education of its citizens. A good education can provide better access to healthcare, improve opportunities for financial stability and create more options for safe and affordable housing. Sadly, lack of access to a quality education is far too common for Mississippi’s children. Every year, Mississippi ranks at or near the bottom for student achievement. These statistics become even more daunting within communities of color and for students with disabilities. These students are more likely to face disciplinary actions, including suspensions or expulsions, which makes them more likely to drop out of school. 

Students in Mississippi have a right to fair and safe schools that foster learning and a sense of community, which inspires growth and gives them the tools they need to succeed. The Center is working to ensure that children across the state have access to a quality education to help turn the tide of the education system and work toward improved proficiency scores, better graduation rates for minority and disabled students and adequate funding for all districts.

The Center supports every student’s right to a good education and that means fighting unjust suspensions and expulsions and keeping students in the classroom where they belong. More than just a law firm, the Center also works with parent advocates to help others know that they have the right to challenge their child’s suspension or expulsion.