Access to Healthcare

Access to affordable, quality healthcare is critical to a state’s overall health, education and economic status. Better health outcomes are directly related to insurance coverage that prevents developmental problems in children, increases workforce productivity, reduces use of emergency room services and decreases the cost of publicly-funded programs.

Currently, approximately 500,000 Mississippians are without health insurance coverage, and approximately 100,000 of them are children. Poor health in childhood leads to poor health later in life.

In coalition with other advocates, Mississippi Center for Justice is working to remove barriers that prevent Mississippians and their children from getting the vital care they need to lead healthy and productive lives. The Center is working to ensure that Mississippi fully implement the Affordable Care Act and fight against the discriminatory practices that make it harder for people living with HIV/AIDS to obtain affordable housing, maintain employment and protect their right to privacy. The Center is also working to bridge the gap in access to healthcare for communities of color who suffer from high rates of death from treatable diseases like diabetes.

Read more about the Center's work to increase access to healthcare and fight discrimination against those living with HIV/AIDS in Mississippi.