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Supreme Court decision upholds key part of housing act

Jul 01, 2015

Mississippi housing advocates are cheering a Supreme Court decision last week that they say upholds a crucial part of the more than 45-year-old Fair Housing Act. MPB’s Evelina Burnett has more.


Katrina housing program reaches Saucier woman after 4 years without water or electric

Jun 25, 2015

SAUCIER -- A mother and daughter's Katrina odyssey ended at Christmas, after they lived for four years on the family property, without water or electricity, in a leaking dome tent and then metal sheds.

A new...

Port's Katrina relief jobs costly, slow to materialize

Jun 22, 2015

The state port will have at least until the end of 2019 -- more than 14 years after Hurricane Katrina -- to create jobs promised in exchange for more than $566 million in federal hurricane-relief funds, a letter from...

In America's payday loan capital, innovative microcredit helps break the debt cycle

Jun 20, 2015

JACKSON, Miss. -- To drive down Ellis Avenue, just off the interstate, is to visit a paradise of easy money. Along a four-block drag of fast food joints and half-empty strip malls, the payday lenders are packed in...

Community funds push for new payday-lending rules

Apr 10, 2015

A coalition of 57 community foundations has united to push for tough new rules to curb payday lending, signing a letter asking the...

Survey confirms auto title loan businesses predatory lenders

Mar 31, 2015

Car repairs, appliance breakdowns--people find they need cash fast. Payday and Auto title Loans companies meet the need. The Pew Charitable Trust surveyed borrowers of auto title loans only. According to Nick Bourke...

Preventing tax cuts protects all interests

Mar 27, 2015

Revenue from tax collections is how we keep our public schools open and our public infrastructure and systems functioning for all Mississippians. These things don’t magically pay for themselves. In blocking a massive...

Dr. Sunny Fridge

Feb 27, 2015

The truth behind censorship, cover-ups and corporate control in news media is on menu when documentary "Shadows of Liberty" makes its Jackson debut with a free screening 7:30 p.m. tonight, Friday, Feb. 27, at the...

Payday lending: The lie that binds

Feb 18, 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s imminent reform of the payday lending industry is welcome news for millions of families burdened by the industry’s exploitative practices in my home state of Mississippi and...

Mississippi needs relief from payday lenders, consumer advocates say

Feb 14, 2015

New federal regulations could put breaks on industry that has found ways around state rules

Consumer advocates say they are relying on the federal government to loosen the grip of payday lenders on Mississippi...