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Join Our Fight to Fix Mississippi’s Broken Prison System

The abysmal condition of Mississippi’s prisons is in the news again after two inmates were beaten to death at Parchman Farm — a location already infamous for brutality and cruelty.

MCJ Condemns Supreme Court Decision Allowing President Trump’s Cruelest Immigration Rule to Move Forward
DOJ Announces Investigation Into Mississippi’s Prisons After MCJ Calls for Intervention

The neglect and disregard of basic human rights by Mississippi’s government has led to the prison crisis that exists today.  

Urge Your Representative to Vote NO on Senate Bill 2257

S.B. 2257 jeopardizes Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF—health care, food, and economic lifelines for Mississippi's most vulnerable children and families.

Court of Appeals’ Upholds Lower Court's Decision to Strike Down “Fetal Heartbeat” Bill, Protecting Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom
MCJ secures $95,000 in Settlements for Residents of Gulfport Trailer Park

The investigation, led by Staff Attorney William B. Bedwell, resulted in MCJ filing five separate Fair Housing Discrimination Complaints on behalf of the residents. 


Join the Center and an ever-growing network of partners and supporters to help make Mississippi the model social justice state. EVENTS


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