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This is the start of the MCJ blog. We're super excited about the new design and getting the word out about we are changing lives right here in Mississippi. Join us in making our community a better place for everyone.

Payday lenders hearing today

Mississippi lawmakers will hear testimony today on whether the state law enabling payday lenders to charge the equivalent of 572-percent interest rate should expire.

House Banking Chairman George Flaggs scheduled the public hearing today to allow both sides to explain their positions. The law allowing payday lending is scheduled to expire in 2012.

The hearing follows a Clarion-Ledger series that revealed how some payday borrowers fall into deeper debt and how some payday lenders charge extra fees - violating the law.

Payday loan bill amended

The Senate Banking Committee amended a House bill Thursday aimed at reducing the 572-percent equivalent interest rate on payday loans, making it more palatable to the lenders. Read the full story here.

Religious, NAACP leaders: Let payday law die

Mississippi religious leaders called Monday for state lawmakers to let a law sunset that permits payday lenders to charge the equivalent of 572 percent interest.

The Rev. Frank Spencer, chief executive officer of Stewpot Community Services in Jackson, said payday lending is immoral and entraps thousands of Mississippians.

“It’s more insidious than quicksand,” he said at a news conference.

Mississippi’s 572-percent rate is the highest in the Southeast and one of the highest in the nation.

Gov.'s office: Trip not tied to payday lending bill

Gov. Haley Barbour met with the nation's biggest payday lender when he traveled last week to South Carolina to seek support for a possible presidential run.

His visit with donors, community leaders and Republican activists included representatives of Advance America, based in Spartanburg, S.C. The group also had met with representatives from AT&T and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.