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How will the Affordable Care Act affect Mississippi children?

Mar 02, 2012

Air date 03/02/12

How will the coming changes in Mississippi’s health care system affect your children? Wesley Prater, a senior health analyst at Georgetown University, explains how the Obama health care...

Foreclosures rising but help is available

Feb 22, 2012

After years of decline, foreclosures are again on the rise across the country. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how even though Mississippi remains less impacted than most states, residents facing foreclosure have a tough...

Legal aid fine-tuning role in BP oil spill claims

Feb 06, 2012

As government and corporate representatives negotiate damages stemming from the BP oil spill, legal aid advocates are noting hundreds of low-income residents are stuck in filing damage claims of their own. Lawyers...

Bergmark discusses access to justice amid funding crisis

Feb 03, 2012

As part of the American Bar Association's annual midwinter meeting, Martha Bergmark, Mississippi Center for Justice president and CEO, participated in a discussion about the current state of funding for legal...

Steps coalition asks HUD to halt port expansion

Jan 13, 2012

GULFPORT -- A coalition of community groups large and small is asking the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to demand repayment of federal funds already spent on state port expansion.


The Recessions Ongoing Impact on Americas Children

Dec 27, 2011

Joint report from First Focus and the Brookings Institution underscores ability to use child...

Global AIDS fund facing a financial nightmare

Dec 01, 2011

Back when Joyce Kamwana was diagnosed with HIV, it was considered "equal to death," she said.

More than 20 years later, Kamwana, an HIV survivor with two children, is on a mission to ensure the virus that...

HUD demands port track jobs

Nov 30, 2011

GULFPORT -- Residents have asked state port officials for more than a year to track the number and kinds of jobs a massive port expansion will create. The federal government is now demanding it.

The port is...

Federal agency wants record of benefit from federal grants at Port of Gulfport

Nov 30, 2011

GULFPORT, Miss. — The federal government is now demanding that Gulfport state port officials start to track the number and type of jobs a $621 million port expansion will create.

The port is expected to...

The worst state in America to have HIV

Nov 27, 2011

Recently, an elderly woman in Mississippi was left alone on the curb outside a hospital emergency room. The woman didn’t have a medical emergency. She’d been dumped by the nursing room employees who had learned that...