Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi: Healthcare for 300,000 Mississippians is on the line

Mississippi is poised to make dramatic improvements to its healthcare system, and create 9000 new jobs in the process. The health and daily welfare of nearly 300,000 Mississippians who would benefit from the state accepting Medicaid Expansion through the Affordable Care Act is at stake, and a reasonable solution is at hand. In coalition with other organizations, Mississippi Center for Justice is seeking full implementation of Medicaid Expansion.

State leaders have said that they reject the expansion, even though it is a viable way to ensure that many more residents have the healthcare coverage they need and help the state achieve its economic goals, which include “targeting healthcare as an economic driver,” along with “increasing the number of health care professionals in the state,” according to a recent report from the Mississippi Economic Council

Expanding Medicaid will be an economic driver the state needs to help create jobs. The federal government will pay for more of the program costs than ever before, ensuring Mississippians are fully covered. Expansion will also help “generate increased economic activity” for the state. 

Mississippi’s Institutions of Higher Learning recently completed an assessment of the financial impact that Medicaid expansion will have on the state of Mississippi – it shows that the total program cost is lower than originally predicted, while generating long-term success by creating a healthier workforce, which can lead to a better overall statewide economy. 

“This report shows that the impact on the state will not be as high as originally predicted – and the lives of nearly 300,000 Mississippians will be greatly improved with healthcare coverage,” said Linda Rigsby, Mississippi Center for Justice. “It is important to keep in mind that the majority of the people who will be eligible for Medicaid under the expansion are working adults, and that Mississippi has one of the lowest rates in the country of residents who receive insurance through their jobs – making this expansion vitally important to improving access to healthcare for hardworking families.”

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